Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Board frauds and sold secrets

 If there are any misdeeds in Malaysian companies, boardrooms are where you might want to look first. After all, there hae been many cases where specific information were pushed to certain parties to oust others for corporate takeovers.

What Wee Choo Keong is implying is that just that. What we do know now is not quite how Wee puts it. There is a conspricay, and Wee has ended up being a part of it. These boardmembers have been feeding Wee with half-truths in hope that they can ouster the Chairman and MD of MAHB.

It appears that the missing link to the boardroom weasel, is revealed by no other than Wee himself. The naming of names in his tweeter thread aims squarely at only certain members of the board. This would surely point to these as 'protected' by Wee himself. Surely, the boardroom weasel has been feeding Wee with these information? It seems NuclearMan has the clearer picture, however what I do know is that the 'four' named by NuclearMan isn't quite accurate.

This four, has gone on about their 'business as usual' , and while NuclearMan has indicated that the rat has been found, the trail of one's boardroom antics will reveal the nature of that very same Director repeating his or her's mistakes pointed out here, in that particular case being part of a boardroom approval for what was later revealed as against the company's charter.

Wee Choo Leong has been dishing out names, purportedly for not questioning some decisions however he has not been talking about these 3 + 1. And for good reason, Wee who has been squarely targetting Air Asia from at least 10 years ago, does not want people to know even his sitting together with 'Danny' when the first failed AA MH merger was being bandied around. The rumour of a former MP asking for 'peaceful' sum of some millions in exchange for now 'blowing up' the matter remains a strong rumour for some to know, including me.

Alas, the MAHB Boardroom tussle, with a proxy former MP as attack dog is going to unravel sooner than later. Perhaps a strong mandate from the shareholders to the Chairman and MD should signal a timely change of the boardroom to get rid of these rats that have been sending wrong signals to try to drag the stock down. Perhaps.

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