Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't tear the seams of Malaysia

PJ Moorthy - Malaysia Instinct

Don't cut the last cake and split it 10 ways without first replicating the lost recipe. Once you cut it, you will have 10 recipes of different proportions!

Mexico, populated by around 6.6million residents. Largely hot summers, typical dessert climate but also has cool forest in the north, with famous sites in the likes of The Grand Canyon.

There really isn't any similarities here, but one thing that has hit the American state might just happen here in Kuala Lumpur one day.

Though historical beginnings defer on the origins of Arizona if one chooses to speak to different people there, it is largely believed that Arizona was made a apart of the US after the American-Mexican war which resulted in the then newly formed republic of Mexico having lost the territories and compensated for it. It has s strong Spanish history, and die to its proximity to Mexico, has to deal with a large number of Mexicans who enter US illegally.

Malaysia on the other hand has a large border with Indonesians, but having the Straits of Malacca as a natural deterrent for illegal entry, it is vastly different from Arizona vis-a-vis Mexico. Naturally, the difference in economic strength between US and Mexico makes the former a much sought after location for those seeking economic riches. As the same with Malaysia vis-a-vis Indonesia.

But if one cares to look at the similarities, it will be staring Malaysians at the face.

As with the Mexicans to Arizona, most were brought in to help in economic activities, thus gaining legal citizenship much later, and hence become naturalised Americans.

As with the Chinese and Indians to Malaya then, most were brought in by the British to help in the same, to grow Malaysia economically, and in their efforts gaining them citizenship and naturalisation as Malaysians.

But what comes after, many years after the American-Mexican war is the influx of illegal immigrants into Arizona that had the lawmakers up in arms collectively to pass into law a motion to authorise the legal request for proof of citizenship in their efforts to quell the rising entry of these, leaches, call them if you may.

And this in Malaysia might just happen if there is a blurring of rights, and guarantees of constitution are overlooked in the overzealous efforts to chase that change that so few are asking. The bumiputera rights are rightfully enshrined in the constitution and is therefore protected by it. The calamitous efforts of the opposition in their quest to gain more votes from their supporters and the fence sitters who are calling for the doing away of it, creating a 'fair and equal' disbursement of rights, so it seems.

This is akin to the Mexicans who mask themselves as Americans saying that they have the right to stay and demanding that their citizenships unquestionable rights as any Americans. Wouldn't that be nice!

There is a clear distinction of law and rights, and to the Americans, their rights is to establish the citizen from the alien.

Here in Malaysia, doing away with the rights of Bumis is the same as getting the constitution changed to acknowledge that Mr.Mutusamy who hails from Kerala 20 years ago, peddling 'Putumayam' who goes back to Kerala every 5 years to build his dream home that houses his family and those of his in-laws and in-laws of the in-laws, as one of their own, giving him basic land rights and government assistance.

Whereas Mr.Xiao Ching the right to bring his family and send his children to SJKC, granting access to the previously defined 'tanah hak Melayu' in gratitude for his father's contribution in the tin mines of Kampar, and expecting Pak Ali, whose nine children have been finding it hard to break in to the workforce, when the likes of IBM is hiring Malaysian graduates from Ivy League Universities.

Already forced to compete with the 65% ration of bumi students that make up the composition of public higher education institutions, Pak Ali's children have to also compete to enter real paying jobs, something that does not seem to affect their counterparts of Chinese origins.

The economic strength is held by the Chinese, and the Malays do not begrudge that, so why are the rest then begrudge the Malays of their rights that are guaranteed by the constitution?

This writer is of the opinion that Malaysia pre 2008 was far better off, for that was the time that Malaysians were collectively united in their goal, which was achieved through the ballot box. Post 2008, they have since gone their own ways forgetting the bond of unity that they once shared.Don't cut the last cake and split it 10 ways without first replicating the lost recipe. Once you cut it, you will have 10 recipes of different proportions!

Forever Accusing...

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'The likes of Chua Jui Meng who was incidentally (not related) stripped off his titles by the Sultan of Selangor can never find peace with themselves' was a remark that a politician shared with me when we had a talk sometime ago.

This statement had always lingered in my mind, and I took the same view each time I came across someone who had crossed that 'line'.

So today, reading about what Chua Jui Meng had said (I should apologise, isn't he still a datuk? by some other state's account?) in a very 'anti establishment' portal in Free Malaysia Today, I simply reflected on what I was told.

Chua had unequivocally stated that 'Chinese voters want fairness'.

By whose account? How many Chinese voters does he represent, enough to make that statement?

When moving to Malaysia, I could not help but compare the Chinese here to those from their southern neighbour.

I am making a guess here, but won't one think that the chinese in Singapore are much fairly treated as compared to Malaysia? From what I gathered from Chua's statement, he had said that chinese voters demand equality. But equality with whom?

Aren't the Chinese here much better off with their Indians and Malay counterparts? I would like to dare someone with a comprehensive comparison between the races. Didn't someone dispute some figures from the National Statistics department sometime before the elections?

I dare say, that the chinese are the most well off compared to the Malays and Indians. In fact, the demand of equality by the chinese should be met, and the equality should extend out to the Indians and Malays. How often have we heard the saying repeated that the Indians and Malays cannot be trusted witht e completion of projects, and when the unveiling is done, it was some chinaman who had concocted the scheme in the first place!

The point to remember is this, in order to move forward, Malaysians must have a common goal and objective, and from what PM Najib had preached and done, all is pointing to the one real Malaysia that should emerge if given the right support from the voters.

After all Najib has implemented the change he promised, and his fruits is beginning to show. In all the pessimism that has been shown by the opposition, there are more optimism shown by those in charge today. And for what its worth, the opposition has only been firing blanks and burying their head in the many holes that Selangor has now managed to dig itself in.

The question I have for Mr Chua Jui Meng (datuk? Sorry, but since my immediate neighbour is the Johor household, I consider myself Johorean too!) is what drives economy? Forever borrowing money you said? And if America is not the biggest borrower, would it affect world economy? The engine of growth is fuelled by money, not just one's own but the money that flows in will ensure that it is well circulated, and in that ensures that the economy is well fuelled.

Then again, I am no economist, but did Chu Jui Meng ever showed that he was one too? How about a Minister of Helath? Did he even leave a legacy behind?

Judging from the mass migration of helath workers during his time, I am guessing not!

This write thinks that recycled politicians have a used by date, and this one as with his lookalike has long past their due. - PJ Moorthy MI

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim - Media buyer

Embroiled in his own 'media buying' conspiracy, Anwar Ibrahim is now trying to insinuate that Prime Minister Najib Razak has done the same in using dubious PR companies as well as the Washington Times in giving his visit to the US more prominence during the month of April 2010.

In a blog posting published in his blog, written by Malaysiakini's Stephen Gan, it was said that the Prime Minister's Office had a hand in paying PR Firm, The Laurus Group USD15,000.00 which was in turned paid to QGA. It was claimed that QGA was supposed to have a major newspaper print a prepared article purportedly by the PMO.

In recent months, Anwar has come under severe scrutiny by the US press on his role in anti US and Israel protest as well as allegations that the Malaysian government was infiltrated by Israel agents. This has increased criticisms against Anwar given his close relationship with former key Bush-era officials. Anwar was the Chairman of The Foundation of the Future, a group which was a brainchild of former VP of US Dick Cheney, and had his daughter Elizabeth as a Deputy Director of the Foundation.

In his half baked attempt at apologising for his own debacle, Anwar had embarked on a whirlwind apology tour to his friend and obvious supporter. It was Paul Wolfowitz who had gotten Anwar the position of Chairman at the Foundation of the Future, a move that will eventually see him resigning as President of the world bank after revelations that he had himself gotten his girlfriend Shah Riza a position in the same foundation.

Anwar had in the past accused APCO for being an Israeli outfit, complete with Mossad agents, and when that failed, he had tried to pin all kinds of accusations against Najib. Around the blogs, much has been said about Anwar's interview over CNN, that even the US press picked up and accused CNN of playing up to Anwar, and planting the interview.

So, in perfect Anwar style, the same is now lobbed over to Najib's court. This is the Anwar that we know, one that passes the buck.

Before he was convicted of corruption and sodomy, Anwar had openly voiced his intention to tackle the Asian financial crisis a-la IMF way. It was a move that would send his boss, Tun Mahathir to react the way he did which eventually drew the wrath of IMF (with currency control mechanisms that Mahathir introduced) but had more importantly taken Malaysia through a very patchy time, unlike her neighbours, Thailand, Indonesia and Phillipines which until today still suffer from the stining effects of that crisis in the late 90's.

Here is a man which anti government supporters are rounting for, one that has shown if anything, inconsistencies in his position as former Education and Finance Minister. Here is a man who has sat proudly on the chair of a Foundation, knowing well that the USD35 million that it had was from the US government, and yet knowing so, is hell bent on attacking it simply because Najib is now becoming a friend of Obama's policies.

But all this really is inconsequential. What is most disgusting is Anwar's nonchalant ways in upholding Malaysia's pride, so much so, that his many trips abroad had always only one mission - to bring Malaysia down, so that he can be seen as a hero once again to the people who had long thought of him as a two faced lizard. - PJ Moorthy , MI

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HuffPo Salivating on Anwar's claims

The recent barrage of attacks against Anwar for his anti-semitics stance has now taken on a new low for journalism.

Though it has been reported in the western media on Anwar's about turn, and his many attempts to apologise and explain his statement and actions, there are yet some who see it fit to twist and spin his fault the other way.

The latest is from Huffington Post, in which Thor Halvorssen described Malaysia as an ' one of the world’s most insidious authoritarian governments' whilst describing the sodomy trial of Anwar as 'charges against Anwar are transparently political'.

Thor further adds that 'the only way to get unfiltered news in Malaysia is online. Here, the media is protected by the “Bill of Guarantee of No Internet Censorship” – a law passed in the 1990s.

A total stranger to Malaysia would probably tend to believe this Thor fellow for his piece, after all Malaysia is only of interest to those who have dealings with it.

Anyone who is aware of Anwar's first case would know that he was released based on it being overturned in Federal Court when the judges made a 2:1 decision, but added that they had reason to believe that all involved were engaged in homosexual activities.

Bear in mind that sodomy is a crime in Malaysia.

Thor also adds that, "Opposition voices like Anwar who are politically attacked through the courts are hardly better off than victims of the ISA. Virtually all positions in the justice system beyond the local level are held by government cronies."

Here, this foreigner has gone one step further and claim that Malaysia's judiaciary is virtually tainted. Right. Perhaps then it is not surprising to find that our FDI are declining, given that there are still many out there who buy into the one person who has been going around convincing all his supporters to continue to peddle lies about Malaysia.

Isn't all this comments subjudice to the case in mention? Why haven't Anwar's lawyers asked for a mistrial in this case?

Another technicality created by him for his escape?

The truth is this. Someone knows he is in deep trouble, because unlike the last time, there is no room for technicalities anymore. word has it that the lab that concurs with DNA evidence is one based in the US, so no chance for a foreign pathologist or even genealogist to get this one thrown out.

What makes it worse is that the victim this time was someone he trusted and was practically inside (pun intended).

So the next best thing is to rely on leftist media controlled by those who have had some idea of bisexuality.

(For those uninitiated Huftington Post was partly founded by Arianna Huftington, former wife of Michael Huffington who confessed of his bisexuality) - PJ Moorthy, MI

Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Semper Fidelis' to your cause

No matter how you look at it, it is all too difficult to shed that 'I'm an Indian' attitude to Malaysians here of Indian origin.

The recent brouhaha by the opposition on Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Muhiyiddin on his claim that he is Malay first, and then Malaysian, is something that all Malaysians can attest to.

Try talking to a Singaporean of a minority origin.

Although Singapore practises a meritocracy policy, it wasn't till recently that Singapore's first Malay General emerged. The reason that it took that long was that 'we don’t want to put any of our soldiers in a difficult position where his emotions for the nation may be in conflict with his emotions for his religion', so says Mindef.

So, to my point that no matter how you look at it, there is bound to be a part of us that is biased somewhat.

To be part of a group or an organisation will always make one loyal to it somehow.

Take America for instance. The Middle East question has always been asked of their Presidents. The 44th President, though having had probably the worst of times to experience a dip where relationship with Israel is concerned, must still have a 'sort of biased' support to Israel's ongoing torture of it's neighbours.

Although there are attempts to try to persuade Israel from its hardline stance, a full attempt will allienate their alliance. So, whichever way one looks at it, for all the protest and what nought, the US will always be on Israel's side.

Similarly, for all the negative ceramahs that Anwar Ibrahim makes of Israel and Zionism, he will still crawl back with his hands and knees to beg them to understand that he has to put on a show for his so called moderate muslim supporters in Malaysia.

For all the positive moves that Prime Minister Najib has made to make Malaysia relevant again in the region, Malaysia has her 'running dog' ( Chow Khou - a cantonese term commonly used for people who turne against their own) that will forever put Malaysia down in the International Arena.

In Tun Mahathir's time, the world was watching, and for every Prime Minister that wished to term Mahathir as a 'Recalcitrant' there was always two others who think highly of his policies and benefits that he brought to those countries that stood by him, and with that elevation to Malaysia that no such Prime Minister has been able to do, until now.

Rightfully, Najib's policies has been seen by ASEAN countries as one that would support a growing region. With Singapore-Malaysia relationship at an all time high, Tsien Loong would think twice before trying to pull anything from under Najib's feet.

Now, Najib has to work doubly hard, not only to win his countrymates over, but also the world, mindful that Anwar already has a network of doomsayers in the likes of private eyes and balding pseudo editors, not to mention International Media who choose only to paint Anwar as a hero, and not the lying politician that he is.

Committed to his cause to bring Malaysia to a level that she has not seen before, taking India and China alone as her main trading partners can only forge Malaysia ahead in these perceived bad times, precisely what Prime Minister Najib is planning and executing.

Meanwhile on the other end, committed to the cause of dragging Malaysia through the filth of slander is a former Deputy Prime Minister bent on making his dream of being Malaysia's seventh no 1 man.

The US Marines greet each other with a call 'Semper Fi, Marine!' - the term meaning Semper Fidelis, latin for 'Always faithful', so whilst Najib remains faithful to his call to bring together Malaysia as one (1 Malaysia), Anwar remains faithful to his Jewish Friends.

Joshua Trevino could not have put it better, and for those who are majoring in mass communications, its time to remain faithful to your call.

-PJ Moorthy Malaysia Inctinct

PJ remains faithful to Singapore, but is ever mindful of Malaysia as his lovely neighbours. He thinks there should be no problem having Jewish friends too, but attacking your neighbours one moment and telling them you have to do it to make yourself look good is a no no.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Highway Concessions:The return of the Cronies

I received an email tip from a valuable source, and thought that this was water under the bridge.

Or do I stand corrected?

"It was an underhand tactic that past personalities are known for" remarked an oberserver who wished to remain unknown.

He was referring to the way Asas Serba had planned their press conference when making it known of their intentions of the proposed takeover of highway concessionaires recently.

"This is a trademark of those who are well connected, dropping bombshells and then bulldozing it through, but that can only happen then." Things are not the same now.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib is a man on the ball not like Tun Abdullah who relied heavily on the advice of some people.

The Asas Serba porposal was mooted by key personnel who were closely linked with Tan Sri Halim Saad of Renong.

The Prime Minister's Department had yesterday replied formally to MP Wangsa Maju, Wee Choo Keong that no such proposal had been received by them in relation to the proposed takeover, in short Asas Serba had made a press statement, but submitted no proposal.

However, talks of another party entering the fray appeared in a blog '' and on close inspection, it was revealed that Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar had also presented his version of proposal to the Economic Planning Unit.

Given that the reply to Wee Choo Keong's question was directly related to Asas Serba, could it be that the Syed Mokhtar proposal was kept under the radar?

Timely still, that The Star carried a pertinent article on the expansion of certain stretches of the highway that has been earmarked for widening and the contract went to PLUS. Given all the recent questions and activities surrounding highway concessions, could it be a prelude to a sort of 'return of the cronies'? - PJ Moorthy - Malaysia Instinct