Saturday, March 28, 2009

Renewed Renewal

It went as expected, with everyone doing their part to show that they actually cared. In case you are wondering which event I was referring to, its Earth hour of course.
But let's not stop there shall we? We should do our part, in recycling materials, in ensuring disposal of garbage in the right manner (and in case you are wondering again, do not dispose your batteries in the same household garbage bags) and to contribute to the Earth's sustainability by not wasting energy. Its really simple to write all this up, but to do it is a different matter.

And of course, the conclusion of the recent 2008 UMNO Annual General Meeting went about as smooth as it could, barring the slight crowd trouble during the announcement of the Youth Presidency.

Expected, I supposed. And the curtain closer was also proper, the Previous, the Past and the Future. I am referring of course to the unexpected showing up of Tun Dr Mahathir, who also took the opportunity to have his media moment with Abdullah and Najib. But its no accident.

The new president, Datuk Seri Najib, certainly knew when it was the right time, and he welcomed Tun Dr Mahathir, who went up to the stage, and also wished Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi whilst congratulating (presumably) Datuk Seri Najib on his takeover. It all came together nicely.

Sure there was talk that the current dream team could have better consistency, but I am certain that Najib will make do with the new appointments. The conclusion of the AGM is timely, for UMNO will now head Barisan into the current most important factor of upcoming by-elections.

Whatever the reasons, Pakatan will insist that the results of all the past and the next three by-elections are the mandate for Najib and his Government. UMNO will emerge stronger and more united from this AGM and will focus on their most nagging wannabe member. Anwar Ibrahim had not left UMNO wholeheartedly, as evidenced by his
own admission that he did seek a meeting with Tun Dr Mahathir, after his termination from the party to 'negotiate his return' (this was revealed by his then most trusted aide Ezam prior to the Permatang Pauh by-election which Anwar won).

In fact, PKR was very much an accidental political party, formed primarily to seek Anwar's release on his now convicted sodomy charge. The fact that PKR had emerged victorious in the past 12th General Election, clearly showed (and also admitted by the Pakatan) that the electoral had in fact showed their displeasure, by voting against

But that would be the past. Clear wrongdoings by the current state governments that PKR led, and with the controversial departure of PKR's second highest politically appointees have shown that Anwar does not have the Lieutenants he needs to help him administer his party's victory. More aptly, PKR has promoted foot soldiers to Generals in their quest to run their states. In their quest to justify their actions, they saw it fit to kill their own captains (in the likes of their own two ADUNS and former EXCO members)

UMNO does not have the problem that plagues PKR, but the same cannot be said about PKR. For when Anwar loyalist decided to abandon UMNO, they merely did so to show their loyalty to Anwar. UMNO on th other hand has a pool of untapped talents, leaders, and to a certain extent, foot soldiers. Evidently, these UMNO members did not
abandon their party even when found guilty of certain malpractices, as
in the case of Ali Rustam. Such is the case, with the new appointments of the recent AGM, a new wave of grassroots leaders are now poised to impart the party's
leadership visions and missions.

For Barisan, this can only herald a new better front, given that Najib has again reiterated that his vision of One Malaysia will prevail, and will do all in his capacity to achieve something that no previous Malaysian leader had tried enough. With renewed confidence, UMNO should lead the fight against its political enemies, and with that set
their sights on one of UMNO's own prodigal son, Anwar. - PJ Moorthy - Malaysia-Instinct

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monkeys, Trees and Horses

The one thing that Malaysians are talking about in the coffee shops and mamaks are how depressing it will get, both in economics and politics. Malaysians have to be forgiven for their pessimism.
It seems that the sentiments of the Ali, Raju and Ah Chong on the streets are of the 'slow spiral to meltdown' of the Barisan government is speeding up.
Social-Political observers both far and near have wighed in, in fact contributing, if not starting these so call 'winds of change'. But have they really?

Monkeys. One cannot discount a coordinated effort by certain powers to wreak havoc in this peace loving nation called Malaysia. Some 12 years ago, Malaysia witnessed its second earth shattering moment. After the riots of 1969 (widely acknowledged as the first) unruly mobs tried to destabilise her again by taking to the streets to protest the sacking of then convicted Anwar Ibrahim. CNN reported sporadic rioting by mobs, though it was mostly centered around the Dataran Merdeka area leading up top the then official residence of the deputy prime minister. Now, as this goes to print, different sporadic groups are trying the same tactics albeit in a more orderly manner to defy the government of the day. Groups making police reports on police brutality are spurred on by lawmakers aligned to the opposition. Elsewhere, groups are gathering under the shady raintree to defy a constitutional (arguable) state government. Yet elsewhere in the cyberworld, others are starting 'fires' or reigniting 'fires' aimed at destabilising the country.
If one takes a step back and look at the ultimate goal, it can be said that all this points to hoping that all these instability will put Anwar Ibrahim unto the country's number one position instead of Najib Tun Razak.
It does not take a rocket scientist to see the pattern here. Clearly, the objective to overturn the government is clear, and given the reaction, it seems destabilising the country for one man's goal does not seem to bother these people. Of course, these are just hypothetical theories.

M Bakri Musa who is a surgeon residing in California posted recently about the legend of the monkey handler. Insinuating that the resignation of the three state assembly persons that brought about the downfall of the Pakatan State government was lead and masterminded by Najib Tun Razak shows his inability to keep pace with the happenings on the ground here back home in Malaysia.
His total disregard of the 'triggers' that happened prior to the downfall of PR in Perak shows his lack of understanding of the events. How DAP is known to have a crack in its state hierarchy emerged when Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan threatened to drop her candidacy in protest against the two 'brothers' is conveniently put aside by pro opposition observers. How PKR strong armed their way into the formation of certain state goverments, displays the hypocrisy of the very thing they are trying to fight in UMNO, mystifies me from a neutral point of view. Yes, this is how politics is played in every country, but to lose the cardgame to the law is the last thing any gambler would want. Yet PR insist that they are the government(state) elected by the people. No need to remind the people that the man they very much want to see as the next Prime Minister has been trying to get lawmakers to switch camps (thought it is widely speculated and accepted that Anwar was the mastermind of the downfall of the Sabah state government in the 90's through rounghshod tactics) No need to remind the people about the sly way PR has been winning the hearts and minds of those supporting them by playing up BN's 'kezaliman', whilst they keep trying to hide their hypocrisies! How else does one explain their insistance of pursuing legal action against BN instead of the Sultanate of Perak? Anwar knows that by doing so they will lose popularity amongst the core Malay support. He also slyly calculates that based on the consitution, judgement will have to go to the federal courts, and here, PR has succeeded in brainwashing the general public that the judicial arm has been subservient to BN. Hence, the monkey stories continue.

Trees. Symbolic to nature, and the beautiful raintree which thrives in Ipoh has now got a new identity. Dubbed 'Pokok Demokrasi' by its supporters, V Sivakumar continued to mock the system by donning ceremonial robes, insisting that it was a legal sitting of the state assembly (though funny enough how he avoided inviting trouble by not sending assembly notices to all state reps, conveniently omitting those he deemed rogue, namely the Royally consented and appointed Zambry and his exco, as well as the independent assembly persons). Evidently, all this is a play masterminded by someone to continue to show the audience, which is the rakyat, that PR is still alive and fighting. The need for sympathy votes is very much acknowledged here. Admittedly (by all three parties) PR was voted in on March 8 by those who who wanted to vote against BN, not for PR. Hence the need to gather around trees.

And horses. Apart from them being animals, lets spare these beautiful animal from the cesspool of sympathy politics that continues to the domain of Pakatan's tactics.
For now, Anwar's failed tactics has seen him resort to new lows by deceiving the peace loving majority of Malaysians into believing that everything wrong about Malaysia is caused by UMNO.
I beg to differ. Mahathir has come and gone. Badawi is leaving, and Najib will soon take over.
In all these years the common factor is Anwar Ibrahim. Go figure.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Open Letter, Pete?

Someone sent me an email to alert me of another RPK open letter recently. Yes. From a man bankrupt of ideas (who is also a bankrupt) , and according to my well informed sources also a man who sells his skills, it comes as no surprise. Funny how it always seems that whatever he writes, readers tend to take it all in. Till date all his accusations remain just that, no proof, no reveal, just accusations.

Yes, he can probably be classified as a victim, in the case of his recent ISA detention. But then again there are 63 others who are deemed a danger to national security. It cannot be denied that he writes from his heart, and along with that his readers take heed in his rantings. But one wonders how many of his readers know about his background? For example, presumably, he was a director in a public listed company (before it went public) to handle bumiputera contacts and to reap all benefits that went along with it. It isn’t his fault really, because a man has to make a living, right? But what about the extent of going to see Tun Dr Mahathir and even to see Dato Seri Najib for financial support? It is ok, because the man has to make a living, right? And hence, when he could not get any money from either of them, he turned on them, presumably.

In his latest open letter addressed to Pak Lah, it is said that BN is now opposed by young rural malays as they see hope in Pakatan Rakyat. He went as far as to say that the ‘Kampung Malays’ are openly defiant of UMNO ad the recent results in the Trengganu by-election is a concerted no to Pak Lah and the soon to be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib.

It is easy for him to comment on these results, because when RPK says so, it is a fact. Forget about the 30 odd thousand voters that voted for BN. Forget about the fact that Chinese populated constituencies voted for BN. Pay attention instead to the fact that Kuala Trengganu, though urban in part is very much rural country and the fact that PAS has a strong foothold on islamist fundamentals. Malaysian politics is hard to predict, and one wonders how a candidate is named (PAS named their candidate based on the party supremo’s dream that he had the right candidate). The fact remains that there is a government in power in the form of Barisan Nasional, which that has brought this country to prosper and continues to lead the country in these trying times.
One must not forget that in the lead of the yet to be proven Pakatan Rakyat is a former figure of UMNO, Annuar Ibrahim. Annuar is no angel either, having been in the heart of UMNO’s corridor of power who has even attacked the Indian community in his infamous ‘I will silence the Temples’ tirade in Penang. However, since the March 8 elections, the rakyat has see it fit to place their eggs in Annuar’s basket (given their support in Parliament,m it can be argued that Pakatan has almost one third support, almost)

As a former journalist in Singapore, one has to be doubly sure of facts and figures when reporting. Bur these rules do not seem to apply to bloggers. For example, if I were to say that United States is in fact doomed and that 25% of their citizens are already unemployed according to the New York Evening Today. But there really isn’t a New York Evening Today, and the figures are really something that was plucked from the air! So how does one really check the figures? Readers should and must do their own verification. But how many actually do? So if it was printed in Malaysia Today, it must be true, because if it wasn’t then they would have sued RPK! So on the basis of no legal suit, then it must be true!

All said, readers must pay attention to false accusations and nay-sayers. Do not be taken in by false reporting. IF THERE ARE NO SENSATIOAL NEWS, its really means just that. If you choose to read open letters, let’s just say you should then stay open to judgements. Ever wondered why there are no open letters in Singapore? Singaporeans are more knowledgeable, and choose not to believe in false news. Malaysians are the opposite. The more lies the better.