Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Axed Tourism Malaysia Chairman Wee Choo Keong gives his story to Malaysian Police

Former Member of Parliament more remembered as the vindictive former Chairman of Tourism Malaysia Wee Choo Keong (seems to be more focussed on Siew Ka Wei) has been called by the Malaysian Police to have his statement recorded following months of tweets alleging that a crime has been committed in business dealings between MAHB and BXC Travellers Sdn Bhd.

MAHB's recent upheaval where the removal of 3 Directors whom Wee have been thought to have been getting his information from, has seen Wee being cast off without a sail. The Malaysian Police has opened investigations into Wee's actions under the Malaysian Penal Code for Criminal Defamation, likely section 499 of the Defamation Act 1957.

Wee has now reported that after his 4 hours of questioning, he in turn lodged a counter report that stated the police report against himself was made falsely, tweeting again that 2 named individuals should be charged by MACC.

Wee has gone about this issue in a roundabout way, one can say. For IF he has the evidence, why has he not reported it in the first case, and instead proceeded to spam on tweeter with the allegations instead?

Let's delve a little on about Wee (whom I believe that he is out to grind the axe with Siew for Wee was replaced by Siew after failing in his duties as Chairman of Tourism Malaysia and proceeding to fall then into the bad books of Najib). In fact, it is public knowledge that Wee is a vindictive person who continues to bad mouth the Lim father and son of DAP. He has not gotten over his episode of losing his MP seat back in 1995.

His political track record isn't stellar, and having last stood for elections in GE15 under Warisan, he failed to make a comeback understandably, and leaves a trail of political membership in ruins. His 2 years in PKR prior to his swapping camps to go 'independent' that saw him pandering to Najib was his feather in the cap. One that rewarded him with the position of Chairman of Tourism Malaysia, which he lost to Siew. 10 years before PKR, he left DAP claiming that Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng was threatened by his rising star, and went out of their way to kill his DAP career. 

No fairy tale there, and evidently he is going after Siew. 

While in Parliament, he positioned himself to focus on tourism matters and going after MCA's Ng Yen Yen gave him some footing for the Tourism Malaysia position, and his failure at it too was because he continued to go after Air Asia at that time, Tony Fernandes who was busy colouring airplanes the colour of Blue for BN. No secret there why Wee lost his job right?

So, one can see why Wee is still trying to stir this issue, now that he is cornered into his own mess. Social media is definitely a tool to gather Netizen-ry support, and in Malaysia unlike Singapore, calls as such against corruption will create a frenzy where those following who do not know the facts will continue to re-tweet for support. In the case of Wee, he too has been tagging another conglomarate kingpin alleging crimes in the auto industry, however what is not known to him is that in that case the perpetrator is the one making the accusations!

With Wee Choo Keong now having already made both his statements and police report, will we see a charge against him first, or a charge against MAHB's dealings that are continually being cried wolf by Wee?

The Malaysian Police is not Twitter, and Wee should now know that accusing someone of corruption MUST be backed by hard evidence and not just twitter rant. IF the PDRM's IT forensics unit is looking into these allegations, they will find out soon enough the source of the criminal defamation.

As the young generation is used to "Bring out the popcorn". Not likely that Wee can enjoy his Huyos now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Board frauds and sold secrets

 If there are any misdeeds in Malaysian companies, boardrooms are where you might want to look first. After all, there hae been many cases where specific information were pushed to certain parties to oust others for corporate takeovers.

What Wee Choo Keong is implying is that just that. What we do know now is not quite how Wee puts it. There is a conspricay, and Wee has ended up being a part of it. These boardmembers have been feeding Wee with half-truths in hope that they can ouster the Chairman and MD of MAHB.

It appears that the missing link to the boardroom weasel, is revealed by no other than Wee himself. The naming of names in his tweeter thread aims squarely at only certain members of the board. This would surely point to these as 'protected' by Wee himself. Surely, the boardroom weasel has been feeding Wee with these information? It seems NuclearMan has the clearer picture, however what I do know is that the 'four' named by NuclearMan isn't quite accurate.

This four, has gone on about their 'business as usual' , and while NuclearMan has indicated that the rat has been found, the trail of one's boardroom antics will reveal the nature of that very same Director repeating his or her's mistakes pointed out here, in that particular case being part of a boardroom approval for what was later revealed as against the company's charter.

Wee Choo Leong has been dishing out names, purportedly for not questioning some decisions however he has not been talking about these 3 + 1. And for good reason, Wee who has been squarely targetting Air Asia from at least 10 years ago, does not want people to know even his sitting together with 'Danny' when the first failed AA MH merger was being bandied around. The rumour of a former MP asking for 'peaceful' sum of some millions in exchange for now 'blowing up' the matter remains a strong rumour for some to know, including me.

Alas, the MAHB Boardroom tussle, with a proxy former MP as attack dog is going to unravel sooner than later. Perhaps a strong mandate from the shareholders to the Chairman and MD should signal a timely change of the boardroom to get rid of these rats that have been sending wrong signals to try to drag the stock down. Perhaps.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

A little "W"ee here and there, and you will smell Pee from a Dick!

 It appears, nothing has changed much despite thinking that I have left the scene for good.

Retiring as they say, but with many little secrets and continued whispers, I can tell you a little Wee as described in Websters for small ain't quite the same as we say it in Singapore, what more if we say "wee wee"  (which I guess isn't all that different from Britain!)

When an ex-colleague kept tagging me to alert me about a former Malaysian Member of Parliament whom I had shared a few Hoyo No.1s with while he was tagging along disgraced Malaysian ex-PM (MO1) Najib Razak on that trip to South America, I knew it was worth writing this on my long forgotten blog.

So, who is this former MP?  This might ring the bell.

Just one glance at Wee's twitter feed, will show a former politician who failed in making his comeback in the most recent 15th Malaysian General Election grasping at straws but pointing to his preferred target Air Asia, and of course his former DAP colleagues whom he continues to despise for obvious reasons. One very obvious one is from Wee's mouth himself when he used to gripe about 'Tokong' and what his dad did to Wee. You see, Wee's pet peeves can reveal the sort of person he is. For example, he had targeted the Minister of Tourism Ng Yen Yen when he was last in parliament for a specific purpose, and many will remember it was Wee that Najib appointed to Tourism Malaysia years after that.

'W' for Vendetta?

I digress, but so what is Wee trying to say now?

Perhaps the frustration on being replaced as the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia, by who else but the person Wee named in his posts, is the very driving force of these postings.
What I do know about Wee is this, he had an axe to grind with that entrepreneur many have come to shy away from, lets just call him TF. 
From what I have known, and certainly come to know , there is a certain Datuk Azailiza that Wee has recently come to work with. In fact, the beginning of the act stemmed from the 2018 Mahathir return era, whom many now know was a show. And a show it was that, Wee was somewhat involved with the report with MACC that lead to those photos so commonly shared by Wee. Perhaps instead of asking questions, Wee should make a report again, this time also including himself and his own actions when he himself chaired Tourism Malaysia.

Having experienced a few dead ends, Wee together with Azailiza are now again training their sights at the same target. Wee for his poorly taken removal from Tourism Malaysia whereas little known Azailiza is setting her sights on MAHB's Chairman and MD by team tagging with Wee.

MAHB isn't Air Asia. And this is a point that Wee should already know. Azailiza's painting of what is happening and Wee's wholesale buying of her picture is what will perhaps lead Wee back to his dark old days of being cut off yet again. 

I can safely say, PJ Moorthy is back, and once again getting the low down of low lives that continue to humour the Malaysian Social Political scene.

Follow us, and find out who is doing who what next!


Return of the PJ

 Those who know, knows!

All those little knudge has worked. I am back, squirmed out of my dark corner.

Why? Because I know more than the other guy, and here is what I know....