Thursday, March 17, 2011

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Teoh’s death scares DAP - This blog has been revealing very telling
documents regarding DAP's source of revenue

After three forensic scientists concluded that Teoh Beng Hock’s tragic death was likely prompted by suicide or at the very least, not pre-meditated murder, the reality of the troublesome outcome may have less to do with the MACC’s negligence in not guarding him properly but more to do with the political corruption and shenanigans that Teoh was forced to confront and divulge.

A troublesome point is the baffling moments in the inquest to establish Teoh’s death, like why certain documents were ignored and relevant witnesses not called to testify. The counsel for the MACC desperately tried to raise the matter but he was ignored.

A key submission “disallowed” was when documents and witnesses – contractors of the four companies mentioned on the letterheads of the suspicious documents – were “disallowed'.

Why it is that testimony crucial to the build-up towards Teoh’s death was not given due diligence? On the other hand, why was it stonewalled?

Here’s a plausible reason: the coroner wanted to play it so safe that he had in his mind opted for an open verdict judgment from the moment he became fully aware of the tremendous implication of whatever decision he makes. He would have gotten that attitude consulting lawyers who are his friends.

Perhaps the pressure was also too much on him, perhaps he disagreed with the way the opposition was more interested in making Teoh a martyr and the MACC guilty as hell but can’t influence the flow of the inquest’s proceeding. This can only be the only possible rationale.

The people have the right to know the absolute truth but it was not to be forthcoming because of the coroner’s fear for his career and maybe his life too, not so much from physical threat, but one that will be forever chaotic by the decision he makes. Hence, a bland neutral stance which saves him and makes him a laughing stock but unwittingly conceals the truth.

While the coroner saved himself or rather, took himself out of the Teoh Beng Hock equation, the case became an international cause for strident critics of the Najib administration who would use the no-man’s land decision to capitalise on its uncertainties.

The critics, and that includes DAP’s top guns like Karpal Singh and Gobind Singh Deo, jumped on the opportunity to castigate the PM, even though he had nothing to do with the coroner’s lack of backbone.

But since the critics are crying out loud for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, the PM authorised one - with power - to probe everything when the initial RCI had limited terms and reference.

Now Karpal and Gobind are in a bind, their theatrics exposed. The RCI will no doubt revisit the scenario why the key submissions were ignored in the first place.

So they made a big fuss of the Attorney-General’s “biased” standing and even took a ridiculous dig at the RCI chairman, being a Federal Court judge, was unsuitable to helm the proceedings.

After all their wag-the-dog tactics failed, the DAP used the last ace in their sleeve – total withdrawal from the RCI in the hopes it will cast a big shadow on the commission and undermine its credibility.

Fat chance. The RCI is now so strongly independent that even the PM have no say as to how it conduct its investigations, which has the eager attention of the international community.

The RCI also knows that Malaysia's reputation is at stake but they have the chance to put things right. Their only request, which they had conveyed to Teoh’s family was: give the RCI a chance, give justice a chance. But the family, likely under the coercion of the Singh lawyers, regretfully withdrew.

Back to the issue of documents held by Teoh, the question of them being tampered is ludicrous.

Teoh kept his laptop closer to him than his girlfriend. He had his laptop with him at all the times while he was being questioned, even when the MACC considered him as a possible accomplice to the big scam of making false claims. Furthermore, the documents and the laptop were also secured by police since July 16 after Teoh died. Therefore, tampering was impossible.

Another issue is, the MACC needed Teoh for the valuable testimony he provided. Teoh or even his boss was practically nobodies to trigger a suspicious scenario where someone would want to fix them up.

But since Teoh’s death, they have became household names. They may be linked to bigger fish who have set up a well-established con job that we are now are beginning to truly understand.

If the documents were invented, it would only make more sense to ensure that the true evidence stick, to show that larger sums of money were suckered in.

Nothing about the case makes sense, from the Singhs’ theatrics to the family’s withdrawal. But now we know there was method to that madness. There is now fear in the DAP camp, especially the State Excos who have been raking in huge sums illegally for months since they won Selangor in the March 8, 2008 general election.

In a way, there is a silver lining to the Singhs withdrawal. They can’t be putting up roadblocks or red herrings to deter or distract the RCI’s progress to the point that a conclusion may come early, and not 18 months from time of death to outcome of inquest decision.

That’s why the RCI is free to examine all facts of the case, especially the documents which can be produced without someone in there trying to stop its exposure.

It is steadily becoming evident that the extent of the corruption going on was perhaps powerful enough to push Teoh to the edge. And to the probable suicide inferred by three top forensic scientists.

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