Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Semper Fidelis' to your cause

No matter how you look at it, it is all too difficult to shed that 'I'm an Indian' attitude to Malaysians here of Indian origin.

The recent brouhaha by the opposition on Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Muhiyiddin on his claim that he is Malay first, and then Malaysian, is something that all Malaysians can attest to.

Try talking to a Singaporean of a minority origin.

Although Singapore practises a meritocracy policy, it wasn't till recently that Singapore's first Malay General emerged. The reason that it took that long was that 'we don’t want to put any of our soldiers in a difficult position where his emotions for the nation may be in conflict with his emotions for his religion', so says Mindef.

So, to my point that no matter how you look at it, there is bound to be a part of us that is biased somewhat.

To be part of a group or an organisation will always make one loyal to it somehow.

Take America for instance. The Middle East question has always been asked of their Presidents. The 44th President, though having had probably the worst of times to experience a dip where relationship with Israel is concerned, must still have a 'sort of biased' support to Israel's ongoing torture of it's neighbours.

Although there are attempts to try to persuade Israel from its hardline stance, a full attempt will allienate their alliance. So, whichever way one looks at it, for all the protest and what nought, the US will always be on Israel's side.

Similarly, for all the negative ceramahs that Anwar Ibrahim makes of Israel and Zionism, he will still crawl back with his hands and knees to beg them to understand that he has to put on a show for his so called moderate muslim supporters in Malaysia.

For all the positive moves that Prime Minister Najib has made to make Malaysia relevant again in the region, Malaysia has her 'running dog' ( Chow Khou - a cantonese term commonly used for people who turne against their own) that will forever put Malaysia down in the International Arena.

In Tun Mahathir's time, the world was watching, and for every Prime Minister that wished to term Mahathir as a 'Recalcitrant' there was always two others who think highly of his policies and benefits that he brought to those countries that stood by him, and with that elevation to Malaysia that no such Prime Minister has been able to do, until now.

Rightfully, Najib's policies has been seen by ASEAN countries as one that would support a growing region. With Singapore-Malaysia relationship at an all time high, Tsien Loong would think twice before trying to pull anything from under Najib's feet.

Now, Najib has to work doubly hard, not only to win his countrymates over, but also the world, mindful that Anwar already has a network of doomsayers in the likes of private eyes and balding pseudo editors, not to mention International Media who choose only to paint Anwar as a hero, and not the lying politician that he is.

Committed to his cause to bring Malaysia to a level that she has not seen before, taking India and China alone as her main trading partners can only forge Malaysia ahead in these perceived bad times, precisely what Prime Minister Najib is planning and executing.

Meanwhile on the other end, committed to the cause of dragging Malaysia through the filth of slander is a former Deputy Prime Minister bent on making his dream of being Malaysia's seventh no 1 man.

The US Marines greet each other with a call 'Semper Fi, Marine!' - the term meaning Semper Fidelis, latin for 'Always faithful', so whilst Najib remains faithful to his call to bring together Malaysia as one (1 Malaysia), Anwar remains faithful to his Jewish Friends.

Joshua Trevino could not have put it better, and for those who are majoring in mass communications, its time to remain faithful to your call.

-PJ Moorthy Malaysia Inctinct

PJ remains faithful to Singapore, but is ever mindful of Malaysia as his lovely neighbours. He thinks there should be no problem having Jewish friends too, but attacking your neighbours one moment and telling them you have to do it to make yourself look good is a no no.

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