Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forever Accusing...

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'The likes of Chua Jui Meng who was incidentally (not related) stripped off his titles by the Sultan of Selangor can never find peace with themselves' was a remark that a politician shared with me when we had a talk sometime ago.

This statement had always lingered in my mind, and I took the same view each time I came across someone who had crossed that 'line'.

So today, reading about what Chua Jui Meng had said (I should apologise, isn't he still a datuk? by some other state's account?) in a very 'anti establishment' portal in Free Malaysia Today, I simply reflected on what I was told.

Chua had unequivocally stated that 'Chinese voters want fairness'.

By whose account? How many Chinese voters does he represent, enough to make that statement?

When moving to Malaysia, I could not help but compare the Chinese here to those from their southern neighbour.

I am making a guess here, but won't one think that the chinese in Singapore are much fairly treated as compared to Malaysia? From what I gathered from Chua's statement, he had said that chinese voters demand equality. But equality with whom?

Aren't the Chinese here much better off with their Indians and Malay counterparts? I would like to dare someone with a comprehensive comparison between the races. Didn't someone dispute some figures from the National Statistics department sometime before the elections?

I dare say, that the chinese are the most well off compared to the Malays and Indians. In fact, the demand of equality by the chinese should be met, and the equality should extend out to the Indians and Malays. How often have we heard the saying repeated that the Indians and Malays cannot be trusted witht e completion of projects, and when the unveiling is done, it was some chinaman who had concocted the scheme in the first place!

The point to remember is this, in order to move forward, Malaysians must have a common goal and objective, and from what PM Najib had preached and done, all is pointing to the one real Malaysia that should emerge if given the right support from the voters.

After all Najib has implemented the change he promised, and his fruits is beginning to show. In all the pessimism that has been shown by the opposition, there are more optimism shown by those in charge today. And for what its worth, the opposition has only been firing blanks and burying their head in the many holes that Selangor has now managed to dig itself in.

The question I have for Mr Chua Jui Meng (datuk? Sorry, but since my immediate neighbour is the Johor household, I consider myself Johorean too!) is what drives economy? Forever borrowing money you said? And if America is not the biggest borrower, would it affect world economy? The engine of growth is fuelled by money, not just one's own but the money that flows in will ensure that it is well circulated, and in that ensures that the economy is well fuelled.

Then again, I am no economist, but did Chu Jui Meng ever showed that he was one too? How about a Minister of Helath? Did he even leave a legacy behind?

Judging from the mass migration of helath workers during his time, I am guessing not!

This write thinks that recycled politicians have a used by date, and this one as with his lookalike has long past their due. - PJ Moorthy MI

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eddy said...

Great post Bro but I am afraid, Chua Jui Meng speaks of being first among equal. I do not think he and his kind is talking about sharing what they already have.