Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HuffPo Salivating on Anwar's claims

The recent barrage of attacks against Anwar for his anti-semitics stance has now taken on a new low for journalism.

Though it has been reported in the western media on Anwar's about turn, and his many attempts to apologise and explain his statement and actions, there are yet some who see it fit to twist and spin his fault the other way.

The latest is from Huffington Post, in which Thor Halvorssen described Malaysia as an ' one of the world’s most insidious authoritarian governments' whilst describing the sodomy trial of Anwar as 'charges against Anwar are transparently political'.

Thor further adds that 'the only way to get unfiltered news in Malaysia is online. Here, the media is protected by the “Bill of Guarantee of No Internet Censorship” – a law passed in the 1990s.

A total stranger to Malaysia would probably tend to believe this Thor fellow for his piece, after all Malaysia is only of interest to those who have dealings with it.

Anyone who is aware of Anwar's first case would know that he was released based on it being overturned in Federal Court when the judges made a 2:1 decision, but added that they had reason to believe that all involved were engaged in homosexual activities.

Bear in mind that sodomy is a crime in Malaysia.

Thor also adds that, "Opposition voices like Anwar who are politically attacked through the courts are hardly better off than victims of the ISA. Virtually all positions in the justice system beyond the local level are held by government cronies."

Here, this foreigner has gone one step further and claim that Malaysia's judiaciary is virtually tainted. Right. Perhaps then it is not surprising to find that our FDI are declining, given that there are still many out there who buy into the one person who has been going around convincing all his supporters to continue to peddle lies about Malaysia.

Isn't all this comments subjudice to the case in mention? Why haven't Anwar's lawyers asked for a mistrial in this case?

Another technicality created by him for his escape?

The truth is this. Someone knows he is in deep trouble, because unlike the last time, there is no room for technicalities anymore. word has it that the lab that concurs with DNA evidence is one based in the US, so no chance for a foreign pathologist or even genealogist to get this one thrown out.

What makes it worse is that the victim this time was someone he trusted and was practically inside (pun intended).

So the next best thing is to rely on leftist media controlled by those who have had some idea of bisexuality.

(For those uninitiated Huftington Post was partly founded by Arianna Huftington, former wife of Michael Huffington who confessed of his bisexuality) - PJ Moorthy, MI

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