Friday, March 6, 2009

Monkeys, Trees and Horses

The one thing that Malaysians are talking about in the coffee shops and mamaks are how depressing it will get, both in economics and politics. Malaysians have to be forgiven for their pessimism.
It seems that the sentiments of the Ali, Raju and Ah Chong on the streets are of the 'slow spiral to meltdown' of the Barisan government is speeding up.
Social-Political observers both far and near have wighed in, in fact contributing, if not starting these so call 'winds of change'. But have they really?

Monkeys. One cannot discount a coordinated effort by certain powers to wreak havoc in this peace loving nation called Malaysia. Some 12 years ago, Malaysia witnessed its second earth shattering moment. After the riots of 1969 (widely acknowledged as the first) unruly mobs tried to destabilise her again by taking to the streets to protest the sacking of then convicted Anwar Ibrahim. CNN reported sporadic rioting by mobs, though it was mostly centered around the Dataran Merdeka area leading up top the then official residence of the deputy prime minister. Now, as this goes to print, different sporadic groups are trying the same tactics albeit in a more orderly manner to defy the government of the day. Groups making police reports on police brutality are spurred on by lawmakers aligned to the opposition. Elsewhere, groups are gathering under the shady raintree to defy a constitutional (arguable) state government. Yet elsewhere in the cyberworld, others are starting 'fires' or reigniting 'fires' aimed at destabilising the country.
If one takes a step back and look at the ultimate goal, it can be said that all this points to hoping that all these instability will put Anwar Ibrahim unto the country's number one position instead of Najib Tun Razak.
It does not take a rocket scientist to see the pattern here. Clearly, the objective to overturn the government is clear, and given the reaction, it seems destabilising the country for one man's goal does not seem to bother these people. Of course, these are just hypothetical theories.

M Bakri Musa who is a surgeon residing in California posted recently about the legend of the monkey handler. Insinuating that the resignation of the three state assembly persons that brought about the downfall of the Pakatan State government was lead and masterminded by Najib Tun Razak shows his inability to keep pace with the happenings on the ground here back home in Malaysia.
His total disregard of the 'triggers' that happened prior to the downfall of PR in Perak shows his lack of understanding of the events. How DAP is known to have a crack in its state hierarchy emerged when Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan threatened to drop her candidacy in protest against the two 'brothers' is conveniently put aside by pro opposition observers. How PKR strong armed their way into the formation of certain state goverments, displays the hypocrisy of the very thing they are trying to fight in UMNO, mystifies me from a neutral point of view. Yes, this is how politics is played in every country, but to lose the cardgame to the law is the last thing any gambler would want. Yet PR insist that they are the government(state) elected by the people. No need to remind the people that the man they very much want to see as the next Prime Minister has been trying to get lawmakers to switch camps (thought it is widely speculated and accepted that Anwar was the mastermind of the downfall of the Sabah state government in the 90's through rounghshod tactics) No need to remind the people about the sly way PR has been winning the hearts and minds of those supporting them by playing up BN's 'kezaliman', whilst they keep trying to hide their hypocrisies! How else does one explain their insistance of pursuing legal action against BN instead of the Sultanate of Perak? Anwar knows that by doing so they will lose popularity amongst the core Malay support. He also slyly calculates that based on the consitution, judgement will have to go to the federal courts, and here, PR has succeeded in brainwashing the general public that the judicial arm has been subservient to BN. Hence, the monkey stories continue.

Trees. Symbolic to nature, and the beautiful raintree which thrives in Ipoh has now got a new identity. Dubbed 'Pokok Demokrasi' by its supporters, V Sivakumar continued to mock the system by donning ceremonial robes, insisting that it was a legal sitting of the state assembly (though funny enough how he avoided inviting trouble by not sending assembly notices to all state reps, conveniently omitting those he deemed rogue, namely the Royally consented and appointed Zambry and his exco, as well as the independent assembly persons). Evidently, all this is a play masterminded by someone to continue to show the audience, which is the rakyat, that PR is still alive and fighting. The need for sympathy votes is very much acknowledged here. Admittedly (by all three parties) PR was voted in on March 8 by those who who wanted to vote against BN, not for PR. Hence the need to gather around trees.

And horses. Apart from them being animals, lets spare these beautiful animal from the cesspool of sympathy politics that continues to the domain of Pakatan's tactics.
For now, Anwar's failed tactics has seen him resort to new lows by deceiving the peace loving majority of Malaysians into believing that everything wrong about Malaysia is caused by UMNO.
I beg to differ. Mahathir has come and gone. Badawi is leaving, and Najib will soon take over.
In all these years the common factor is Anwar Ibrahim. Go figure.

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