Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloggers Knows Best

The New Media industry is really tough! We have been in business now for almost two months, ironing out all the hiccups, and given the onset of recession in Singapore, and the hopeful barring of technical recession in Malaysia, we online portals are finding it hard to draw in the advertisers!

And yet people like Malaysia Today, can have its editorial staff go in and out of jail, spend countless of supporters 'Makan and Minum' and fishing no less!

The cracks in the 'A list' of Malaysian Blogosphere has reared its ugly head!

In recent weeks, Bernard Khoo of Zorro's unmasked has come out with guns blazing against Ahirudin Attan of Rocky's Bru. Well, if you are truly a blog troller, you would have already seen them.

But hold on. If you take Bernard's view, and all those wonderfully articulated angst of a former teacher, you will surely want to beat up Rocky. But lets stop and analyse Bernard, shall we?

Remember the photos of Istana Idaman? Photos which he very quickly put up on his blog and procalimed it as Zakaria's palace? A boo boo no less.

And what about the countless rant about the Army's mechanised Batalion heading for the Istana Negara to support the Bersih march? No need to verify this, as it is the absolute truth.

And today, he claims that Rosmah, and Najib had taken the 'Government's VIP Jet to the APEC meeting in Peru on 22-23 November. After the 2 day meeting they will proceed for a week long tax payer paid holiday in Washington DC, from 24 to 29 November to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holidays. This as everyone knows is the peak holiday shopping period in the US! The couple will therefore be making a great contribution to the recession plagued US economy.'
It did not matter to his readers that he was not there to send Najib and Rosmah. It did not matter that the other dignitaries from all APEC countries and their spouses are there to do their part for the namesake of their country's contribution to the world's economic health. It did not matter to him that there were reporters sent to do their jobs to actually report on Najib's trip.
It matters only to Bernard that he continues to write from his heart and take in all his readers and make ridiculous claims as illustrated above.

On the contrary, there are trained professional's like us who are trying to make our living the only way we can, trained to see, to report and to gauge, hopefully to turn our portals to success stories like 'Malaysikini'! For Rocky to have used his skills, the ones he knew and still know best from his years in mainstream journalism, he is deemed to have spinned for his masters.

I guess, if all fails, I will return to the country I still call home, and to the Political Monopoly of PAP!

Good luck Malaysia....

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